Fractal antennas have proven to be the first fundamentally important breakthrough in antenna technology in the last half century.

Fractal Antenna Systems’ technology solves complex antenna problems for customers in new ways. This is why those at the forefront of wireless communications—particularly in the military and government sectors—have adopted solutions from Fractal Antenna Systems for their most challenging applications.

Developed over the last 20 years, fractal antennas have proven to be the first fundamentally important breakthrough in antenna technology in the last half century. Simply put, fractal antennas radically alter the traditional relationships between bandwidth, gain and size—permitting antennas that are more powerful, versatile and compact.

Fractal Antenna produces fractal versions of all existing antenna types, including dipole, monopole, patch, conformal, biconical, discone, spiral, helical and others, as well as compact variants of each only possible through fractal technology.

A fractal element antenna is shaped using fractal geometry. A fractal is “self similar”—a complex pattern built from the repetition of a simple shape. The inherent qualities of fractals enable the production of high performance antennas that are typically 50 to 75 percent smaller than traditional ones. Typical advantages play out in increased bandwidth/multibandedness and gain in addition to smaller size. Additionally, fractal antennas are more reliable and lower cost than traditional antennas because antenna performance is attained through the geometry of the conductor, rather than with the accumulation of separate components or separate elements that inevitably increase complexity and potential points of failure—and cost. The result is one antenna able to replace many at a high value offering to our customer.

In addition, Fractal Antenna’s technology affords unique improvements to antenna arrays, increasing their bandwidth, allowing multiband capabilities, decreasing size load and enabling optimum smart antenna technology. Our experience and pioneering innovations also plays out in several other fields, including resonators and filters, as well as metamaterials.

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