At Fractal Antenna Systems (FRACTAL), we apply our proprietary fractal antenna and fractal metamaterial technologies to enable the next generation of wireless. FRACTAL works with customers on cutting edge problems that traditional antenna technology solutions cannot solve in an effective and efficient manner.

FRACTAL was founded by current CEO Dr. Nathan Cohen, the inventor of fractal antennas and fractal metamaterials. We own the source intellectual properties for this field and have decades of experience applying it to drive exceptional results for our customers.

We deliver production-grade antenna products across a broad range of markets and applications, with customers in both commercial domains and defense/intelligence. We serve our customers with off-the-shelf products, private-label products, customized design-to-production solutions, and technology licensing.

FRACTAL has the technology, capabilities, and experience to solve the toughest problems and enable the next generation of wireless – Contact us today to get started.

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Four key benefits to our proprietary fractal technology

1. Wideband/Multiband

Our technology allows us to create antennas that are inherently wide/multiband. This enables a single antenna to meet many wireless needs, reducing the number of overall antennas needed and lowering system costs. This also enables you to “future-proof” systems to upcoming and potential spectrum allocation changes.

2. Smaller and lighter

The application of our fractal technology minimizes antenna form factors, often both size and weight. Our smaller and less obtrusive form-factors give you maximum design flexibility, better aesthetics and a lower likelihood of interaction with other antennas and electricals. Our small, light-weight solutions are also easier to install and require less mechanical support.

3. Fewer components

Our fractal antennas need fewer components than traditional designs to reach the same performance. This reduces the likelihood of component failure and provides better value for material cost.

4. Higher gain

Fractal technology allows our antennas to intrinsically deliver higher gain vs. comparable non-fractalized solutions. Higher gain can mean better coverage, fewer antennas, and stronger signals.

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  • DAS / Public Safety

    We provide the most future-proof DAS and Public safety antennnas on the market. We deliver continuous wideband coverage with market-leading performance and form-factors.

  • Small cell / BSA

    Our proprietary technology allows us to make Microcell, Metrocell and Base Station Antennas at a fraction of the size and cost of existing solutions, with a variety of potential form-factors.

  • Internet of Things

    We provide wideband coverage and high gain, in the smallest and most flexible form-factors available. Our RF solutions enable your design, not restrict it.

  • Telematics

    We provide continuous wideband or multiband solutions for any telematics or M2M need. We apply our technology across a variety of formfactors to provide you optimal performance where you need it.

  • Aerospace

    We have a deep history providing interior and exterior RF solutions for aerospace applications. Our future-proof technology and FAA experience gives you the peace of mind that our antennas are built to last.

  • Mobile / Devices

    Our wideband capabilities help future-proof your device and open it to a broad set of potential end uses. Our technology also helps ensure performance by limiting the effects of component crowding

  • RFID

    Our RFD technology allows you to communicate the information you need in a smaller form-factor. Our RFID antennas are typically 3-4 times smaller than alternatives with similar performance.

  • Defense

    We are well versed in defense and intelligence, having served this market for over two decades. Our fractal antennas and metamaterials unlock world-leading technological capabilities, at the cutting edge of what is possible

  • Other

    We are able to build custom solutions regardless of market. Our agile development and rapid prototyping allows us to get to production faster than anyone else.

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FRACTAL CEO Nathan Cohen to receive prestigious Lee DeForest Award Published: September 26, 2018

The Radio Club of America, the world’s oldest and most prestigious group of wireless professionals, has announced that FRACTAL’s CEO Nathan Cohen will receive the Lee DeForest Award at the organization’s annual banquet. Cohen’s prolific innovative efforts have led to wide uses of fractal antennas, fractal metamaterials, and related inventions, which he invented over the course of 30 years. Their implementation on the world stage has saved lives, made living easier, and enabled a new generation of modern wireless and electronics. Cohen has also received wide recognition for his invention of the invisibility cloak and created a new field of technology in that process. He holds 50 U.S. patents.

Fractal Antenna Systems Releases new PIM-rated UACM-SP in-building DAS Antenna Published: July 16, 2018

Today we bolstered our in-building DAS portfolio by introducing the UACM-SP - a wide-band, low-PIM omni-directional DAS and Public Safety antenna. The UACM-SP is the latest model in our flagship UACM wideband product family. It delivers continuous performance from 350MHz - 6GHz, with unity or better gain for all key public safety and cellular bands. This wideband performance makes it the perfect antenna to "future-proof" your system

Fractal Antenna Receives Patents for Invisibility Cloak and Absorptive Shielding Published: July 26, 2018

BEDFORD, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc. today confirmed the issuance of its newest patents, enabling the next generation of stealth-like invisibility, and absorptive shielding, with commercial applications as well as defense options. Recently issued patent 10,027,033 is a continuation of that state of the art innovation. It discloses a novel means of turning invisibility cloaks on and off, by changing the characteristics of a boundary layer...

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