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Experience providing RFID solutions to the most demanding applications

From high-risk industrial applications to chips implanted in living things, we have built RFID solutions for some of the most challenging RFID applications. Our high-performance, small, and ruggedized antennas can meet your most difficult requirements.

Wideband solutions covering the UHF spectrum

Our wideband antennas can cover the full range of required UHF spectrum in a single element.

Higher gain provides extended read range for a given size

Our proprietary antennas and metamaterials allow us to achieve significantly higher gain for a given size. This improved gain extends the read range for your system without having to concede any real estate.

Antennas a fraction of the size of alternatives

Our higher gain solutions allow us to shrink the size of the antenna, given a certain gain requirement. We have routinely delivered solutions to our customers which are half the size of equivalent gain solutions from other sources.

Able to tailor polarization to specific need

We are able to develop wideband antennas with linear or circular polarization, depending on your requirements. With our large element catalog and deep experience, we can tailor our solution to your specific need.

RFID Capabilities

Custom Wideband antennas for RFID Tags and REaders


Wideband UHF coverage
Active or passive
Excellent performance
Extremely compact form factor

RFID Readers

Wideband UHF coverage
Greater read range for the size
Extremely compact form factor

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RFID Success Stories

Our products give our customers a competitive advantage

RFID antenna for handheld or fixed RFID readers

The Readtenna™ 900 antenna is a circularly polarized state-of-the-art fractal antenna for UHF (902-928 MHz) RFID readers. This innovative antenna is compact, thin, and can be directly incorporated into handheld or fixed readers. With outstanding efficiency, bandwidth, and pattern, the low-cost antenna can be impedance and frequency matched to customer requirements.

Embedded RFID for wireless biometric communications

We outdid ourselves on this one. We enabled the wireless communication of lab mouse biometrics usng an implanted chip, without impacting the topical location of the implanted chip. Using a tiny RFID chip and the radiative properties of the mouse's tail itself, we were able to deliver the performance required and solve the connectivity problem without harming the mouse.

Tank monitoring through Fractal's "pit lid" RFID solution

We developed an RFID antenna for "pit lids" covering underground tanks. We were able to reduce the effects of proximal metal and deliver the
required performance to enable effective monitoring of underground tank integrity. Rugged, high-performing, and built for need - our antennas are trusted with some of the most challenging and important applications.

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