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Fractal Boosts Public Safety Antenna Production

July 16, 2021

BEDFORD, Mass.--Fractal Antenna Systems today reported that it has successfully increased production capacity for its world renowned in-building public safety/ERRCS antennas. FRACTAL’s proprietary technologies enable antennas with high performance in market leading form factors. Featuring wideband VHF, UHF, and 700/800MHz coverage for public safety frequencies in compact sizes with competitive pricing, Fractal’s ‘UA’ series public safety DAS antennas (including its popular UACM-V & UASM-V models) have become ubiquitous in municipal & commercial buildings, universities, residential buildings, transportation facilities, hospitals, factories, and datacenters.

First created to protect U.S. government assets, the ‘UA’ series has seen its commercial spinoffs enjoy  unprecedented longevity in an industry marked by changing needs and demanding standards. With a successful history of almost 20 years of installs, the ‘UA’ series continues with updated versions for the increasing variety of needs in the public safety sector.  

Many of FRACTAL’s customers are new to the  firm’s advantageous technology and products, and are surprised to find high-end antenna products designed & assembled in the U.S. “As we continue to apply our disruptive antenna technologies to commercially available products, we are seeing the ‘UA’ series hitting a new level of popularity,” notes Nathan Cohen, FRACTAL’s CEO & the inventor of the firm’s technologies. “We have worked hard to scale our domestic production capacity during the disruption of COVID on global supply chains by adding DAS product related staff & production lines in our Massachusetts facility.”

FRACTAL’s increased production capacity has dropped lead times on the ‘UA’ series to just a few days in many cases. Stresses Cohen, “We’ve put in the effort to build trust with our old and new public safety/DAS customers and are pleased that meeting their needs in a timely fashion should be a lessening concern.”