Dr. Nathan Cohen

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Nathan Cohen is the founder and technology visionary behind Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc. An accomplished academic and astrophysicist, Dr. Cohen is widely recognized as the “father” of fractal element antenna technology.

Dr. Cohen began his academic career studying under some of the world’s foremost scientists, including Jack Pierce and Irwin Shapiro at Harvard and Frank Drake at Cornell. He has spent three decades as an active radio astronomer, with special emphasis on antenna and array techniques.

In 1988, Dr. Cohen built the world’s first fractal element antenna and, after working to perfect his methodology, founded Fractal Antenna in 1995 to commercialize his research. He has since become recognized as one of the world’s most innovative antenna designers, with fractal element antennas proving to be far more compact, versatile and powerful than traditional antenna designs.

Dr. Cohen holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from Brandeis University, and a master’s degree and Ph.D. in astrophysics from Cornell University. He retired as a professor from Boston University in 2002. He is the inventor on over two dozen patents to date; has published over 80 articles, and two books. His innovation has been widely recognized in Scientific American; Discover; CNN; Business Week; Wireless Week; and many other publications. He is widely sought as a speaker at technical and business conferences.


Dr. Barry Unger


Dr. Unger is an associate professor of innovation and technology management at Boston University where he specializes in entrepreneurship and technology commercialization in the Department of Administrative Sciences, and is also a member of its Faculty of Photonics. Dr. Unger has been a co-founder, officer, director and/or advisor to various successful companies in the computer science, telecommunications, Internet, photonics, semiconductor and medical fields, including Separation Technologies, Inc.; Paragon Imaging Systems, Inc.; Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MRCY); Bookham Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: BKHM); Photo Detection Systems; Color Kinetics, Inc (NASDAQ: CLRK); Barr Associates; Mimeo.com; and BioVentures Investors Ltd.

Earlier in his career, he was co-founder and executive vice president of Kurzweil Computer Products, which ultimately became Xerox Imaging Systems. After this he served as a senior advisor on science and technology in the administration of President Jimmy Carter, where he was involved in the development of programs and legislation to assist promising technology-based companies, in particular Public Law 96-480 the Stevenson-Wydler Technology Innovation Act (establishing technology transfer as a mission of the federal government), Public Law 97-219, the Small Business Innovation Development Act (SBIR) program, and Public Law 96-517, the Bayh-Dole Patent and Trademark Amendment Act. He is also co-founder and chair emeritus of the M.I.T. Enterprise Forum®, an international organization that serves technology based entrepreneurs and the investment community. His work at Kurzweil on consumer involvement in the design of products for the physically disabled is featured as part of the permanent exhibitions of the Smithsonian Institute of the United States.

Dr. Unger holds two bachelor’s degrees from M.I.T., one in engineering and humanities and another in management. He also holds a doctorate in administration and planning from Harvard University.



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