Consumer Devices

The bottom line

We have deep experience designing-in antenna solutions for devices

We have worked with some of the world's leading OEMs to develop antenna solutions for their devices. We can hit the specs, considering the full symphony of electrically active components inside the device.

We design the most compact antennas available for a given gain requirement

Our proprietary antennas and metamaterials allow us to achieve gain requirements in a fraction of the size. We have routinely delivered solutions to our customers which are half the size of equivalent gain solutions from other sources.

Our wideband solutions open devices to wider end uses

Our antennas are intrinsically wideband, providing coverage across the entire sub 6GHz spectrum. This gives you maximum flexibility for your end-use - enabling 5G, LTE, WiFi and Bluetooth applications.

Our elements help prevent component crowding

Our wideband fractal elements eliminate the need for multiple components, as we are able to deliver wideband performance without the need for transistors or capacitors. Our smaller element size also provides greater wavelength separation between components.

We can mitigate the effects of proximal metal

With our proprietary metamaterials, we are able to reduce the near-field effects of proximal metal and eliminate the "transmission line effect". We can deliver antenna solutions which maintain strong performance even when mounted in or on metal.

Consumer Device Capabilities

Custom antennas for Consumer Device applications

Cellular / 5G

Wideband coverage from 617-6GHz
Chip, Patch, Monopole, et al.
Compact form factor
Embedded or modular


Multiband coverage of all WiFi spectrum
Chip, Patch, Monopole, et al.
Compact form factor
Embedded or modular


Full bluetooth spectrum coverage
Chip, Patch, Monopole, et al.
Compact form factor
Embedded or modular

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Consumer Device Success Stories

Our products give our customers a competitive advantage

Fractal's antenna designed into smart watch

We worked with a major OEM to design an LTE antenna for use in a compact smart watch. Our proprietary design enabled wideband performance in a compact design, while also reducing the impact of component crowding and nearby metals. Our wideband technology is perfect for any LTE or 5G device application and we have the experience to design it in to your device and meet your requirements.

Wideband Fractal antenna for LTE wireless streaming camera

We designed a wideband LTE antenna for use inside a live streaming video camera device. Our solution delivered full spectrum LTE coverage with a single antenna, while maintaining the a compact form factor required to fit in the small camera device.

Compact antenna embedded in wireless headphones

Fractal designed the bluetooth antennas for a major OEM's wireless headphones. The compact fractal solution provided the OEM maximum flexibility in their design, while maintaining the performance they required.

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