Introducing DAS WORKS™ — Solution Toolbox for Today’s DAS, Wi-Fi, and Small Cells

For 12 years, Fractal’s DAS antenna line (patented and patents pending) has provided cost-effective solutions to solve all of the standard issues of DAS, small cells, and Wi-Fi including:

But FRACTAL is not sitting on our laurels—years of experience have given us tremendous additional strides in innovation. Our fractal, folded, metamaterial, and 3D printing technologies have allowed us to solve the next question in DAS…the “non-standard” issue. Need to fit within tight spots? Need to “disappear in plain sight”? Need to add some clean, narrow-banded, directional antennas to the plan? Need MIMO? Do you have a situation where the Carrier is satisfied with the design and the integration plan, but the Enterprise or End-User is balking at the antenna placement or antenna unsightliness?  All of the specialty DAS, WiFi and Small Cells problems can be answered with Fractal’s DAS WORKS ™ Customization!

For starters, our custom sized and shaped antennas can help with the following:

We call this innovation toolkit our DAS WORKS ™. It’s exclusive to Fractal Antenna and only from us.

Contact Jane Winter at 781-275-2300 (ext. 09) or email We'd love to tell you more about DAS WORKS™!




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