The bottom line

We achieve equivalent gain performance at a fraction of the size

Our proprietary antennas and metamaterials allow us to achieve gain requirements in a fraction of the size. We have routinely delivered solutions to our customers which are half the size of equivalent-gain solutions from other sources

Wide spectrum coverage with single antenna

Most point to point solutions achieve gain at the sacrifice of bandwidth. We are able to avoid this compromise by using our wideband fractal elements to deliver the required gain with significantly improved bandwidth.

More efficient and lower cost

Our technology allows us to create simpler and more efficient systems. This allows us to design and produce solutions at a significantly reduced cost to comparable products. We pass these savings on to you.

We are leaders in passive and active arrays

Our proprietary technology allows us to achieve greater performance out of a single element. This allows us to significantly shrink overall array size for a given performance. While we do not provide active electronics, we are well versed in creating arrays designed for active phasing / beamsteering.

Our products are Carrier and Public Safety Grade

Our solutions are low PIM and Public Safety grade as required. We have worked with carriers, integrators and public safety professionals for over a decade, making us well attuned to the specific needs of all stakeholders.

Point-to-Point Capabilities

Custom Wideband Directional antennas At a fraction of the size


VHF, UHF, 700/800, LTE bands
‍Public Safety and Cellular
Aesthetic blade design
Wind resistant
Made in USA

FrontHaul/ Backhaul

Sub-6GHz, Millimeter wave
Licensed and unlicensed spectrum
Horns, Dishes, Panels
Aesthetic design


C, X, Ku, Ka band
Panel or dish design
Massive MIMO
Significantly reduced size

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Point-to-Point Success Stories

Our products give our customers a competitive advantage

High gain, sub-6GHz and millimeter point-to-point solutions

Beginning with our work with DARPA decades ago, we are pioneers and leaders in array technology. We use our proprietary wideband elements and metamaterials to deliver high gain arrays for sub-6 GHz and millimeter wave applications (e.g., X, Ku, Ka). Our solutions are a fraction of the size of traditional arrays, reduce side lobe formation, and support electronic phasing / beamsteering.

Fractal donor half the size of equivalent Yagis

We have developed a directional blade-shaped antenna for donor applications anywhere in the sub-6 spectrum. Our solution is around half the size of equivalent Yagis, wideband in nature, and has the design flexibilty to allow us to reduce the profile (and thus wind loading) significantly.

Fractal redefines point-to-point with the FDY

Using our proprietary fractal antenna & metamaterial technologies we've changed the world of point-to-point and donor antennas. Our FDY is wideband, low profile, and high gain all at once. It's reduced form factor and profile help to minimize wind loading for donor applications.

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