The benefits of fractalizing an antenna depend on the fractal applied, the frequency of interest, the physical/design constraints and intended application.

In general, however, the fractal parts produce “fractal loading” and allow the creation of smaller antennas for a given frequency of use. It is common to achieve practical shrinkage of 50-75 percent by using a fractal design while maintaining very high performance levels.

Fractal antennas also provide many versatile capabilities. They can be extremely small for applications requiring an embedded antenna, or contained in transparent materials to achieve near-invisible larger-scale form factors. The following table highlights the features and benefits of Fractal Antenna Systems’ technology:

Feature Advantage Benefit
Wideband/multiband Instantaneous spectrum access Use one antenna instead of many
Compact More design and use versatility Lowers cost and enhances desirability
Fractal loading Added inductance and capacitance without components Enables small, efficient, reliable antennas
Fractal ground plane/counterpoise Smaller, multiband Greater versatility, new packaging options
Frequency independent Consistent performance over huge frequency range Fractal solutions open up previously unknown options
Low Mutual Coupling Close packing of antennas Small arrays with excellent steerability
Proven Products Designed for harshest conditions In use by military and commercial customers
New design space Powerful solutions possible Design to requirements, not pick from catalog

In addition to antennas, we also have similar benefits to our proprietary fractal technology in resonators and other fractal electronic systems.

The features, advantages and benefits listed above apply to Fractal Antenna’s technology in general and indicate a great versatility in meeting the needs of a specific application.



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