Fractal wideband antennas with high gain and compact size enable the most advanced mobile tactical communications in the world.

The emerging need for interoperability in tactical communications presents tremendous challenges for the military. Traditional communication systems have been independently designed without the bandwidth, power, or interoperability needed for today’s applications. Advanced mobile tactical communications require integration of legacy capability with new waveforms and platforms. With extreme wideband frequency range, fractal antennas are uniquely suited to enable new software-defined architectures like JTRS.

Fractal antennas provide compact, extreme wideband, and high performance to ensure operational superiority. A primary example is Fractal’s MHA, a wideband colinear antenna with excellent gain and omnidirectional pattern over the UHF and microwave range, all in an antenna that is only 42 inches long.

Fractal antennas are rugged and field-proven, and operate in the most demanding military conditions.

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