Wideband antennas from Fractal Antenna Systems are revolutionizing signal intelligence and surveillance technology.

The military and intelligence communities face a difficult challenge — the need to monitor communications over a very wide frequency range without being detected. Current electronic surveillance systems employ multiple antennas that are either large or noisy. Fractal Antenna Systems provides passive antennas in compact, versatile form factors that provide extreme wideband performance.

Inherently wideband with 50 Ohm impedance, fractal antennas are low noise and offer higher performance than conventional antennas. They also provide an excellent trade-off of size, bandwidth, and gain for optimal SIGINT capability.

Discreet tubular or planar omni-directional and directional wideband antennas are available. A highly innovative conformable transparent wideband antenna for use on vehicle and building windows provides unparalleled capability for covert operations.

Rugged and field-proven, fractal antennas have been used in numerous real-world environments, operating under the most demanding military conditions.

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Wideband antennas for signal intelligence and surveillance
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