Fractal antenna and array technologies provide powerful and versatile design possibilities that can be rapidly applied to challenging RF applications.

Government and military RF applications demand the most innovative antenna and array solutions available. Fractal Antenna Systems’ proprietary technology enables a new design space that results in very compact wideband antenna and array solutions.

Due to its compact and embeddable nature, the technology is adapted to covert applications, and thus is ideally suited for signal gathering and covert intelligence operations. Fractal antennas are rugged and field-proven. Used in numerous real-world environments, they operate under the most demanding military conditions.

Working from first principles, fundamental electromagnetics challenges are handled by our team of scientists and engineers. Fractal Antenna Systems is not just a research organization. We routinely translate difficult requirements into successful products and solutions. The track record is distinguished but sensitive.

Fractal Antenna Systems works directly with defense and intelligence customers, as well as with defense contractors. From design to production to testing and implementation, Fractal Antenna Systems will create a customized solution for your demanding application.

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