Mobile Device

The bottom line

We custom develop the top performing mobile antennas available

Our antennas remove the need to compromise. We deliver wideband performance, market leading gain, and aesthetic form-factors all at a competitive price.

Our solutions are future-proof - designed for 5G, LTE, Wifi, CBRS and FirstNet

Our antennas are intrinsically wideband, providing coverage across the entire sub-6GHz spectrum. This gives you maximum flexibility for your end-use. Enabling multi-carrier, wifi and converged public safety applications.

We are leaders in SISO and MIMO technologies

Our wideband antenna elements lead the market in 5G coverage. We also develop the smallest and most economical high performance directional MIMO solutions.

Our elements help prevent component crowding

Our wideband fractal elements eliminate the need for multiple components, as we are able to deliver wideband performance without the need for transistors or capacitors. Our smaller element size means greater wavelength separation between components.

Our products are Carrier and Public Safety Grade

We have worked with carriers, integrators and public safety professionals for over a decade, making us well atuned to the specific needs of alll stakeholders. Our product lines are made and assembled in the USA.

MObile Device

Custom Wideband antennas For Mobile Devices

SmartphoneS & tablets

Wideband coverage
LTE, 5G, WiFi, bluetooth, CBRS
Aesthetic design

two-way Radio

Wideband coverage
VHF, UHF and LTE bands
Public Safety and Cellular
Rubber ducky or embedded
Aesthetic design

Notebook Computers

Wideband coverage
LTE, 5G, WiFi, bluetooth, CBRS
Aesthetic design


Fractal Enabled Smartphone

Compact, Wideband, high-performance mobile antenna

Fractal designs wideband LTE smartphone antenna

Using our proprietary fractal technology, we designed the LTE antenna for a top performing smartphone. Our wideband solution delivers leading LTE coverage and performance inside the compact form factor of a modern smartphone.

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