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May 25, 2010

Waltham, MA—25 May, 2010-- Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc. today announced production of the world’s first wideband omnidirectional antenna in a shrunken profile. It replaces a collection of antennas with a single, slim, short tube, perfect for outdoor wireless placement. All existing and future UHF+ wireless needs are thus met by a single antenna—and at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. Such needs include: WiMax, public safety, DAS, Wifi, 3G/4G, pico/femtocell, and many others.

The antenna marries FRACTAL’s proprietary antenna technology with its novel use of fractals in metamaterials. The wideband nature of fractals and self similarity allow for a substantially smaller form factor than a conventional solution whose dimensions would be more than twice as high and twice as wide.  Furthermore the skinniness and shortness of the new antenna allows unobtrusive placement in public areas, with ruggedness against the elements and low wind resistance, within a people-pleasing radome.

Dubbed the “UADB” antenna, integrators are invited to request details and a quote.  Additional variants can be tailored for specific customer needs. Please contact Jane Winter at 781-275-2300 x09.


Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc. ( supplies products for the world's most demanding wireless, and electromagnetic applications. Backed by over three dozen U.S., and international patents, plus dozens of patents pending, Fractal Antenna Systems is the recognized pioneer in fractal technology, with extensive research and field experience over 15 years in business. The company is a privately held and headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA.

CONTACT: Jane Winter
781-275-2300 x09

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