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February 11, 2014

A newly published study by an international group of researchers has shown that fractals, complex geometric shapes that repeat of many size scales, are making possible a new era in design and utility for conformal and worn electronics.
Writing in the journal Nature, the research group, headed by Jonathan Fan, showed that fractals offer unique benefits functioning as circuits and antennas, especially in stretchable applications, such as on-body. This makes them a key innovation for future wireless applications with people in mind.

The importance of the published study reflects the value of the pioneering work and patents by Fractal Antenna Systems. Dating from over 25 years ago, fractal antennas and fractal circuits were invented by their CEO Nathan Cohen, a physicist and radio astronomer. Notes Cohen,” We’ve been well ahead of the curve, so it continues to be refreshing to see yet more researchers finding, demonstrating , and independently, if not unwittingly re-affirming the tremendous benefits that our proprietary technology holds.”
Another example of the ‘years ahead’ stance, the invisibility cloak, was invented by the firm, and is the patent holder on same, cloaking a person in 2012. No other group of researchers has come close to achieving that result. A recent independent description can be found at: http:// www. .

Cohen points out that a series of its patents soundly constitute prior art in these fractal antenna and fractal electronics applications and those patents are valid and in-force. “Also, from an applications standpoint , we’ve been doing conformal and body worn fractal antennas and fractal circuits for over 11 years. The US Army was an early adopter.”

Cohen stresses that the firm is not endorsing the research group, nor does it construe the new results as an endorsement of the firm. Nonetheless, Cohen applauds the confirming applied scientific value of the group’s efforts. ” We stand ready to collaborate with these colleagues , should they desire, to shepherd along, yet another example of the fractal advantage, and are pleased that the prestigious journal Nature now recognizes that value as well.”


Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc. ( ) supplies products for the world's most demanding wireless, and electromagnetic applications. Backed by over three dozen U.S., and international patents, plus dozens of patents pending, Fractal Antenna Systems is the recognized pioneer in fractal technology, with extensive research and field experience in 20 years in business. The company is a privately held and headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA

CONTACT: Valerie Smith

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