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FRACTAL’s New WhipbeaterTM Antenna: Inside Antenna with Outside Performance
June 29, 2011

Waltham, MA — (29 June, 2011) — Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc. today announced the launch of its latest product, a small high performance 900 MHz antenna called WhipbeaterTM -- the antenna that beats the whip!

Targeting the need for a flat, small antenna that goes inside enclosures, the WhipbeaterTM antenna equals or exceeds in performance those out of the box antennas such as whips and stubbies. Explains inventor Nathan Cohen: ” Previously you had to make the antenna part of your circuit board — with poor performance — or route the antenna outside the enclosure, which invites issues of ruggedness, weathering, vandalism, and appearance.” With the WhipbeaterTM antenna, the antenna remains small, protected and hidden inside the enclosure, but performs like a much bigger antenna on the outside.

The new antenna benefits from FRACTAL’s proprietary fractal antenna technology, which the company created and holds the source-patents on.

The WhipbeaterTM antenna is the perfect and cost effective solution for antenna needs in applications as diverse as remote sensing, vehicle location and inventory, remote surveillance and monitoring, and remote and smart switching and grids, among others. FRACTAL has already shipped the first lot of 1000 of the new WhipbeaterTM antenna and has ramped up production to meet the volumes of the diverse application needs.

The WhipbeaterTM antenna is available as a 902-928 MHz ISM or other wideband at/near 900MHz, or custom dual and multiband models.

Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc. ( ) supplies products for the world's most demanding wireless, and electromagnetic applications. Backed by over three dozen U.S., and international patents, plus dozens of patents pending, Fractal Antenna Systems is the recognized pioneer in fractal technology, with extensive research and field experience over 16 years in business. The company is a privately held and headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA.

CONTACT: Jane Winter
781-275-2300 x09

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