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Fractal Antenna Firm Secures Ninth Patent

BEDFORD, MA – Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc., the pioneering innovator of fractal antenna technology, today announced the issuance of its ninth patent. The new patent enhances the broad spectrum of coverage by the firm’s intellectual property for an important technology in wireless and telecommunications.

Fractal antennas are multiband or wideband antennas that offer unusual versatility in size and performance. They have far-reaching application in commercial and military markets. Fractal Antenna Systems designs, manufactures, and sells products; and licenses fractal antenna technology to select companies.

The new patent (USP 7,019,695) describes novelty with respect to antenna counterpoises, loads, and ground planes using self-similar structure. For example, a small fractal counterpoise element that allows the groundplane of a device to act as an antenna can be implemented as a component, or much more cost-effectively, as a licensed pattern on a customer’s PCB.  The patent results from a 1997 patent filing by the firm, establishing a clear priority date. Notes CEO David Moschella: “Our disclosures have proved to be a rich source for granted claims on fractal antenna technology, resulting in broad claims that encompass all but the most restricted of antenna technology using multiple scales. We expect many more patent issuances in the near future.”

Adds inventor and CTO Nathan Cohen: “Confusion about fractal antennas has arisen because of others’ touting fractal antennas for marketing purposes. The fact is, we hold the intellectual property on fractal element antenna technology and, just as importantly, deliver designs that work.” Fractal Antenna Systems suggests that care be taken to understand the value and priority of its granted patent claims and the prior art they pose to others. Cohen noted: “Companies are well aware of IP issues and have sought us out when such confusion has arisen. We are pleased that many have become happy customers of Fractal Antenna Systems.”

About Fractal Antenna Systems

Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc. designs and manufactures antennas for commercial, military, and government sectors. Based on patented technology utilizing fractal geometry, the company’s fractal antennas deliver more powerful performance for multiband and wideband applications than traditional aerial systems, and in much more compact and versatile form factors. Fractal Antenna Systems was founded in 1995 by Dr. Nathan Cohen. Fractal Antenna Systems is privately held and based in Bedford, Massachusetts USA. Tel: 781-275-2300; Fax: 781-240-8199; web:

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