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Fractal Antenna Systems today unveiled the next step in wireless antennas with its DAS Works™ Antenna Custom shop. Addressing an industry wide problem, the firm now has an entire team dedicated to the design and rapid fabrication of custom antennas for DAS, public safety, and Wifi.
What makes DAS Works™ different is its synergistic merger of key technologies. Using its proprietary fractal antennas, the firm leverages its 20 years of design experience for smaller, wider band aerials with high performance. Then the firm adds its 5 year experience in 3D printing--and proprietary patent pending technology-- to make antenna components in quantities of 5 to 500, rapidly and with great cost effectiveness. Additionally, the firm also offers its exclusive PimGuard™ technology to DAS Works™ custom antennas. Finally, the unique experience of nearby plastic manufacturers brings partnership on aesthetic and unobtrusive radome enclosures.
DAS Works™ remedies the big headaches for wireless antenna end-users:
• Small, unobtrusive, form-factor antennas to please Designers/Installers and End Users
• High performance antennas to please everyone
• Wideband DAS antennas to “future-proof” the installation
• Connector assemblies with ease of installation for labor savings
• “Architect-Approved” aesthetically pleasing antenna designs
Notes company CEO Nathan Cohen: “FRACTAL can solve and deliver custom DAS, public safety, and Wifi issues in far less time it takes to ship a pallet of conventional antennas from Asia, let alone the time to design and debug those outsourced offerings. We are proud to bring this important antenna market segment back home to the US. That’s why we call our DAS works™ the ‘custom-easy’ option. ”


Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc. ( supplies products for the world's most demanding wireless, and electromagnetic applications. Backed by over three dozen U.S., and international patents, plus dozens of patents pending, Fractal Antenna Systems is the recognized pioneer in fractal technology, with extensive research and field experience over 15 years in business. The company is a privately held and headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts, USA.

CONTACT: Valerie Smith
781-275-2300 x09

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