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Fractal Antenna Systems Awarded Patent For Wideband and RFID Antenna

BEDFORD, MA – Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc. announces that it has been granted a U.S. patent for its wideband and RFID antenna technology. This eighth patent grant enhances the company’s intellectual property portfolio and extends it into further areas of application.

As noted by the firm’s CEO, David Moschella: “This new patent opens up huge opportunities for the application of our proprietary technology into wideband applications, especially in RFID. We see a family of RFID tag options that offer breakthrough capabilities to this market.” Moschella further added that the firm has waited for the market to catch up with the need for its technology offerings. “Fortunately, the industry has realized that better antenna tags are essential to its success, and we have the technology know-how and patents to deliver.”

The new patent describes novel ways of making wideband antennas and RFID tags with fractals, allowing a versatility of use and form factors not previously achievable. Fractal antennas are based on intricate repeating geometrical shapes. They are very broadband, physically smaller, and can be chosen to work at specific bands. A subset of fractal designs has been shown by the firm’s scientists to be essential to understanding the property of ‘frequency independence’ in Maxwell’s equations, which govern the properties of the electromagnetic spectrum, including radio frequencies. The new patent uses this scientific knowledge as ground rules for invention of new antennas.

“From the wideband viewpoint,” notes company CTO Nathan Cohen, “This new patented technology is completely unique. Previous offerings are from the 1950’s. What we have is not only new but far better in frequency coverage and small form factor. It also showcases invention where our basic understanding of fundamental physics has been leveraged.”

Fractal Antenna Systems recently entered its twelfth year of business, with worldwide sales to commercial and military customers, through vended or licensed agreements. The company has dozens of U.S. and international patents pending and expects further issuance of patents in coming months. Fractal Antenna Systems maintains a strong patent defense position and is the undisputed owner of the core fractal antenna technology.

About Fractal Antenna Systems

Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc. designs and manufactures antennas for commercial, military, and government sectors. Based on patented technology utilizing fractal geometry, the company’s fractal antennas deliver more powerful performance for multi-band and wideband applications than traditional aerial systems, and in much more compact and versatile form factors. Fractal Antenna Systems was founded in 1995 by Dr. Nathan Cohen. Fractal Antenna Systems is privately held and based in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA. Tel: 781-275-2300; Fax: 781-240-8199; web:

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UGS™ is a trademark of Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc., Bedford, Massachusetts.


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