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Fractal Antenna Systems Headquarters in Bedford, MA, minutes from Rt 128.



  Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc, is a full-service antenna firm providing vended and design solutions to OEM customers.  

We can deliver the very best solution to your OEM needs and can meet your design or vended antenna requirements for antennas from 10 MHz to 10 GHz. With our exclusive patented fractal antenna technology we can help you get the Fractal Advantage™.


We serve our customers in any of several capacities:  

  • In house manufacturing of selected products

  • Custom designed and outsourced manufacturing of vended antennas for your requirements

  • Testing, assessment, and consulting for RF/antenna needs

  • Licensed design solutions for on-board antennas manufactured by OEM’s.



  Fractal Antenna Systems is the  world leader in the next generation of antenna, electronic, and electromagnetic solutions. Our hand picked technical team of over a  dozen in-house staff and contract consultants allows us to devote the development and production resources needed to attack and deliver on your project. 

Our team is headed by Nathan Cohen, CTO, a Cornell University trained astrophysicist with decades of experience in both pure and applied research and practical engineering, with special emphasis in radio astronomical tools—especially antennas and arrays. Dr. Cohen is the founder of fractal element technology has been discoverer or co-discoverer of virtually all the important aspects of fractal antennas, continuing into the present day.

Our engineering team has decades of experience in the practical fabrication, mechanics, and production of antennas and related electronics. In house design, modeling, fabrication, testing and production (custom lots) is a keystone of our approach and our success. 

Our patent and IP  portfolio is a reflection of our innovation and the unique place we have, as a firm, with the rights and knowledge to meet your application needs. We have 6 patents issued to date, with dozens pending wordwide.



Fractal Antenna Systems maintains state of the art capabilities in R&D, product development and production. These include:

  • Antenna, array and circuit fabrication on-site

  • Multiple VNA and SNA equipment and reduced reflection range measurement facilities

  • Standard EMAG simulation tools

  • Proprietary and in-house Fractal Genetic Optimizer Cluster (FRAGO) for evolutionary optimization

  • Library resources - over 1000 volumes in-house

  • Fully equipped shop facilities

  • Miniaturized fabrication facilities

  • Fully automatic antenna testing and measurement stations  

  • Outside HF/VHF range

  • In-lab, low reflection VHF-microwave range 



We look forward to assisting you. 

  • Please download and  fill out the attached Applications Inquiry Form

  •  FAX to:781-240-8199 

  • Call us at: 781-275-2300 

  • Please do not send technical specs via e-mail.

    Our general e-mail address is:, which is exclusively for business-oriented queries.

    We regret that we cannot answer ham/hobbyist/student questions via e-mail. 


We will get back to you promptly with a quote or proposal, usually in 24-48 hours.

Design or development projects usually require a professional service agreement to meet non-recurring engineering (NRE) costs. In some cases these can be applied as recoupable with future orders. Vended antenna quotes usually need deposits to assure speedy processing of your order.  


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